Engineering Technologies VRQs from EAL

As part of EAL's drive to encourage young people of all ages to consider the potential opportunities a career in industry can offer them, our range of Engineering Technologies VRQs can be delivered as part of the engineering curriculum.

The qualifications have been designed specifically in response to customer feedback, ensuring they meet the needs of our centres, employers and learners.

We have developed new and improved units, materials and assessments, whilst keeping some of the core elements untouched, so there will be no changes to curriculum delivery for centres already offering older versions of these qualifications.

The qualifications come fully equipped with innovative materials, which support e-learning and e-portfolios, work with mobile devices and VLEs, and help teaching staff with delivery.

Key features of EAL's Engineering Technologies VRQs

Industry and Higher Education recognised

  • Qualifications that are developed in response to industry needs
  • Level 3 "Diploma" qualifications have UCAS points accreditation

New improved units and assessments

  • Extensive delivery advice to assist tutors
  • Flexible assessment methods to meet employer needs
  • Core elements retained so no changes to curriculum delivery for Centres already delivering older versions

Compatibility with e-learning and e-portfolios

  • Supports development of an e-portfolio without the need to create new versions of materials

Compatability with mobile devices and VLE's

  • Unit materials can be completed by learners using the latest technology.

Qualifications available

Level 1 Award in Engineering Technologies - 601/5657/0 Level 3 Certificate in Engineering Technologies - 601/5800/1
Level 1 Certificate in Engineering Technologies - 601/5658/2                                Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5799/9*
Level 1 Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5659/4 Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5801/3*
Level 2 Certificate in Engineering Technologies - 601/5670/3 Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5802/5*
Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Technologies - 601/5669/7  

 * Qualifications with UCAS points accreditation