Flexible Solutions

EAL’s suite of Flexible Solutions is designed specifically for employers with existing or planned training and development programmes.  We can add assurance of independent accreditation and credibility to your training, whilst delivering the rigour and validity that EAL products are synonymous with. 

EAL’s Flexible Solutions offer training services to employers with the benefit of independent accreditation, therefore any provider can utilise this service.  This results in higher levels of credibility, competitive market advantage and increased revenue opportunities.  Employers themselves can accredit in-house training programmes to add clear benefits to their own provision through recognition and certification.

Validation, leading to accreditation from industry experts means you can be confident in meeting your employer obligations in ensuring staff are instructed, informed, trained and supervised properly.  We’ll also make sure the provision meets your specific business objectives as closely as possible.

Through our team of industry experts, we offer a range of levels of assessment or validation support, to suit your specific requirements: 


Each of the above solutions provides certification or qualifications that are unique to your business, and will not be available to other companies.

EAL works with your organisation to understand your specific skills needs.  We offer expert consultancy to provide advice and guidance which your organisation can utilise to improve your vocational services and we can tailor our products to suit your specific needs.  Our approach is focused on your business and your preferences, and we work with you to achieve an approach that’s fit for purpose and delivers the level of assurance you need.  We don’t pre-define the approach or outcomes.

When it comes to developing solutions for our customers’ assessment or qualifications needs, we’ve got it covered.  Work with EAL in creating a talented and skilled workforce for the future.

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